The Sound of Music

I have been wondering how different people seem to like different kinds of music. Personally, I love Bollywood music the most followed by ghazals, and then South-Indian songs. But for me I like the music to be soothing and melodious. On the other hand there are people who prefer only hard rock. I don’t understand even a single word pronounced in the so-called song and there are bands that become famous like anything and songs that become immortal!

I may sound like an old man criticizing contemporary music, but as a matter of fact, I don’t see anything in the song that would attract me. I would love to listen to songs like Dil Hai Chota Sa from Roja. The music is so melodious that you tend to forget everything else in the world while listening to it. You get to listen to each and every beat of it. You understand every word that is being sung. And more than anything else, you get to get that fresh feeling. You should not feel like a rotten tomato after listening to a song!

Similarly some people feel that some music directors compose crappy music. Himesh Reshammiya is one of the prime targets. I feel that he does a decent job in composing songs. The best thing about his music is that they are not inspired (read – stolen) from any other source. People like Anu Malik and Pritam lift the music as is. Atleast this guy Himesh is genuine that way that he creates his own music. And unless he sings them himself… the music is pretty good to listen!

Well to like to dislike a type of music is everyone’s personal preference. This is what I like and this is what I will listen to… 🙂


Hello World!


My first post on my blog! I’ll keep this coming… Till then watch out this space!


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