Long time… huh

Oh boy!!! I just happened to read my personal blog and realized that it has been 796 days since I posted my last blog. Too bad… But I cannot be really blamed for this lazy attitude of mine. For the records, exactly 129 days after I wrote the last post, I met my soulmate. My life underwent a drastic change after that. I was (and am) spending quite less time in front of the PC and have more “personal commitments”.

But as I read my old posts, I realized that it is like reading a diary which was written long back. It feels good!

So on this day, I make a resolution that I will blog atleast 2 posts in a week. Well, I have been never quite good in keeping up my resolutions to blog, but this time I will make sure I will post something. There are far too many things happening in the world for me to not post a single blog.

So… Welcome to Season 2 of Venkat Viswanathan’s Personal Blog!


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