For the average Mumbaikar…

The terror in Mumbai unfolded after 60 hours of melancholy and intense fightback. It was a war of its own kind. Nothing that India has ever seen before. No Indian city has seen so many National Security Guard commandos putting their act together to get rid of a handful of terrorists and at the same time protect and save the hundreds of hostages inside the hotels. In the end, Mission Black Tornado and Mission Cyclone may have been a success, but has it really succeeded in the real sense? Or have the terrorists succeeded in planting the terror in the minds of the billion citizens of India?

Whatever be the case, for an average Mumbaikar, life hasn’t changed much. The citizens of Mumbai are known for their undying spirits. Be it the floods of 26/7 or the train bombings of 11/7, the spirits remain undeterred. Note the difference between the two incidents mentioned above and these terrorist attacks – in the floods and the bombings, the common man was directly involved. Hundreds of middle-class citizens who form the essence of the life of Mumbai were experiencing the heat of the hour. But this time around, the common man hardly had a physical impact. It was the mental fear and trauma that has created the impact.

For the average Mumbaikar, come Monday and life will be as usual. There will be champs jumping into local trains before it halts in the platform, there will be people running behind buses so that they dont report late at work, there will be people criticizing their bosses in smoking zones, and life will be as usual. Media would cover the attacks till they get their next big BREAKING NEWS. And the Test series between India and England would continue and everyone would forget all the pain and mental trauma that all of us went through once India wins the test series.

Well that’s Mumbai for you. We are shaken by the things that happen around us. But we never break. The terrorists feel that they are planting the fear in our hearts. But little do they realize that by doing this, they are just helping us grow stronger by all these actions.

Fuck the terrorists… Hail India… JAI HIND!!!!

P.S: Sorry for the harsh ending… but it came from the deepest corner in my heart!


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