Sony Ericsson C902 v/s Nokia N73 – First Thoughts

This was the first time in my life that I used a phone for over 16 months. I usually change my mobile every 9-12 months. But I used my N73ME for the longest duration. A few reasons why I did that… the main reason being that I was not able to find another phone that was better and of the similar price band as N73. I went to the mobile shop a couple of times, but came out disappointed! The last time I visited, the only prospective phone I found was N82. But I thought it was not worth an upgrade from N73!

Finally when I saw the specs of Sony Ericsson C902 (and C905), it finally hit me – YOU ARE THE CHOSEN ONE! – I uttered these words to C902. A few reasons why I was attracted towards C902:

  • Its 5MP Camera
  • It being a product of the CyberShot series
  • Its price being under 20K (INR)
  • Its looks – sleek and elegant
  • Its 2GB Memory card

So finally I bought it and I must say I am pretty happy with its performance. Although after owning N73, my expectations bar has been raised pretty high, C902 just manages to exceed the bar by a few centimeters, thanks to its 5MP camera and an unexpectedly beautiful Media Player.

The photos are captured in a stunning 2592×1944 pixel resolution. But one thing that disappointed me was its clarity. It would be unfair on any mobile to compare it with a proper digital camera, but one can’t avoid doing that when it’s a 5 mega-pixel cam! As compared to a digicam, its quality is not up to the mark, but by mobile camera standards, its pretty good. Although I  have never owned a 3.2MP cybershot mobile myself, but I expected this 5MP camera to be a LOT better than N73… but I feel it’s nothing extra-ordinary. The increased mega-pixel gives C902 an upper hand over N73!

The media player was something that took me by surprise. As this one being a cybershot series phone, I did not have many expectations with the media player. I heard the FM and it was pretty normal. But soon after I started playing the first MP3, it was simply mind-blowing!

Another thing which I liked in C902 over N73, which is actually a very important thing, is its voice clarity during calls. The sound is very clear and the network strength doesn’t drop that often. With N73 at some points at my home, the call gets unclear. But C902 is giving me crystal clear reception at all points, wherever possible. Now I need to check it in my office lobby, where usually the signal strength was low and voice was unclear. I will update that soon.

On the whole, I am happy with C902. I would say so because I was frustrated by using the same phone for an insanely long time (as per my standards) and I badly needed a change. But if you are not that unhappy with your N73 (or for that reason, any N-series phone), then C902 may not be that wise a change!


1 Comment

  1. Candee Black said,

    June 23, 2009 at 7:30 am

    don’t know if you are still saying that. N73 is classic, one of Nokia’s most successful phones last years! C902 is even not smart.

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