Sarkar Raj… WOW!

I was waiting for this movie since the day it was officially announced. I wanted to see it more because after watching Sarkar, the part that impressed me more was its climax – the moment from where Abhishek Bachchan takes over from Amitabh. And Sarkar Raj was all about Abhishek Bachchan leading from the front.

I read the review yesterday on Rediff and Raja Sen had written that the movie was really bad. This confirmed that the movie would be really good as my choice of movies is a total contrast of what Raja Sen has. He had rated movies like Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna and Paheli with 4-stars. And the moment I saw him give 2 stars to Sarkar Raj, I heaved a sigh of relief!

The movie starts with a bang! Abhishek (Shankar Nagare) executing a traitor. Then the first half of the movie is all about how Shankar wants Maharashtra to progress with the power plant project that Aishwarya Rai brings in and his fight with the hardened politicians, a local leader and many others who oppose the project. The first half of the movie is the prequel – Sarkar all over again, with a change that Shankar is taking charge this time.

But the movie takes you with a roller coaster ride after the interval. The series of events that happen and the twists that have been introduced and various points is mind-blowing. I won’t reveal the plot here, but I’m sure that you will simply love the twists in the plot, and when you are out of the theatre, you will be a satisfied moviegoer.

Ramu has come back with a bang. Screenplay was amazing (although there were too much of close-up shots). The story is superb. Acting by most of the actors is par excellence, be it Sayaji Shinde as Deputy CM, or Govind Namdeo as mastermind Hassan Qazi or Dilip Prabhavalkar (Gandhiji in Munnabhai) as Rao Saab… each one of them were astonishing! Tanisha had a small role and hardly got any chance to act. Abhishek carried his role pretty well. But the one person who outshone them all was the genius himself – Amitabh Bachchan. I still feel that the Hindi film industry is yet to get an actor of the class and caliber of Amitabh. He carried the role so well and he was so much into the character that you will never feel that you are seeing Amitabh on screen!

Overall this movie is worth a watch. It has left the same effect on me as Sarkar. I am hearing rumors that Ramu is planning a third part. And he is planning to cast Jaya Bachchan to do the lead role. If this is true… it will be worth a watch!

Rating: 8/10



When we were kids, every season meant something. Something that would be interesting . Starting with summers – summers would mean vacation time. Time to chill out, time to go to our native place, time to play cricket with friends all day long, time when mom does not ask you to study. Summers were fun time. Who cared about the scorching sun? Who cared about the sweaty afternoons? Who cared about the tanning of the skin? It was just time to freak-out and enjoy.

As May got over, it was a kind of mixed mood. One the sad part, it was time to go back to school, time to study again, time to get everything back on schedule. On the fun part, it was a chance to get wet in rains. It was time to meet new friends in school. It was time for new exciting lessons to learn.

As time passes by, rains come to an end. August marks the arrival of the festive season in India. In Mumbai, it starts with Independence Day on 15th August. Followed by Ganesh Chaturthi, which is ten day function. For us, it was visiting various Ganesh pandals and standing in the serpentine queue to watch the shows on current affairs, mythology, etc. On the eleventh day, it is Ganesh Visarjan – when you stand on the road and see all kinds of Ganesh idols going towards the beach for immersion.

As Ganesh festival gets over, within a few days it was time for Navratri. It was time for dandiya, garba, and Ambe Ma aartis. But the bad thing was that it usually clashed with our exam dates and we had to sneak out time to attend the various functions of Navratri. After Navratri, it was time for another vacation time – Diwali vacation. It also meant time for crackers, new dress, lots of sweets and meeting relatives. As winters progressed, it was time for Christmas celebration time in school. It comprised of the annual day, sports day and Christmas vacation!!!

Once the winters get over, it’s the time for the big one, the last big fight – the final exams. Although till tenth standard, the portion was only half of the book, and it was equivalent to the semester exams, still we used to get butterflies the stomach when it came to final exams. It required intense preparation and lots of studying. And after all the struggle, as the final exams also get over, it’s time for summer vacation again! And as seasons go in cycles, our life also does the same!

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